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People have to be perfect. They cannot afford injury.


There is a question as to whether legal punishment or medical treatment improve sitting and standing balance. Mathematical, musical, lingistic, technological, scientific, moral performance is in proportion to balance in sitting and standing. If a person is forced away from balance his cultural performance is reduced. A person's degree of balance can be evaluated by visual observation.


Standing on your heels is difficult enough.  Balancing on your toes means you are ready to go.  But why go somewhere? You are better off staying where you are.  Women should not devalue themselves by wearing high heels or rings.


My experience has been that restaurants are too dark. There are no restaurants where you can read the menu items. Even if you look up the restaurant menu on the Internet the restaurant is so dark that you cannot locate the chosen items on the menu, or even read your own notes prepared in advance. You cannot see what you are eating and are lucky if you do not eat up the napkin. Controllable lighting would be helpful.

Tipping is a remainder from the days of slavery when one person tried to control another. It has no place in a society where all men are equal.


If your energy goes into locomotion, such as going from one place to another, you are an idiot. If your energy goes into manipulation, such as painting pictures, you are a genius.


Live oaks should be planted on lots, not on right of ways.


Just as walking in the underbrush injures the legs so driving at night injures the brain.


Man must fulfill his structure.
It is easier for man to change his environment than to change his structure.

Only man can fall backwards.
It is easier to protect oneself from falling than to change to 4 footedness.


When I speak I clearly enunciate all the letters in each word, even the "silent" letters. My handwriting contains all the letters of each word well and correctly formed. My signature contains no missing or partially formed letters.


I have no physical defects. I have no mental defects.


Making appointments over the Internet is a great way to arrange for plumbing, yard work, AC maintenance, etc.

Examples of Experience

Trying to avoid trouble in Experienceproject is an experience. Writing for Experienceproject is an experience. Writing an email is an experience.

Family History

Family history makes a fascinating hobby. Old photographs, movies, written correspondence can be digitized and annotated. Family history data can be investigated and researched using US Census data and other Internet resources.

Mail Order

Mail order is the best way to shop. It saves much time and effort. Almost everything on the market is available through mail order.

Home Life

Life is easier at home. I do not enjoy restaurants, beaches, shopping at local stores.

My Way

When I speak or write all letters are easily recognizable. All words are spelled correctly. I do not use slang or freely coined words. I always use correct grammar. My sentences fit together meaningfully.


I try to find explanations for my problems.


Persons who do the same things can associate together. Persons who do not do the same things cannot associate with one another.


I am a worker. I like to accumulate large amounts of output of any kind. I am a drudge. If I am collecting something it is important to me to add more to the collection.

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